Formulated Document

Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau Job Skill Education Working Regulations


  Chapter 1 General Principles

  Rule 1 (Objectives and Basis) This regulation is hereby established in accordance withゞThe Prison Law of the Republic of China〃, ゞThe Working Regulations of Prison Educational Reform〃and ゞKey Requirements of Prison Educational Reform〃, and in combination with the practicality of Shanghai Prisons, to further strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of job skill training, improve the quality of education reform.

  Rule 2 (Responsibilities)

  According to the inmates’employment and job skills requirements upon release, prison will organize job skill training so as to enable inmates who have achieved more than 95% of participation rate to receive certification for their skills from human resources of social community groups and social security department.

  Rule 3 (Responsible Organizations)

  Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau’s Education Reform Department is responsible for organizing, managing and assessing skills training; every prison education department is responsible for the complete implementation and management. Where the training of production job positions is concerned, technical skills and safety aspects are carried out by Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau and Prison Labor Education Department.

  Chapter 2 Implementation

  Rule 4 (Education Participants)

  Inmates who have fulfilled the following conditions shall be eligible to participate in the job skill education:

  (1) Age not exceeding 50 years old;

  (2) Educational standard above primary level (high school, vocational colleges and tertiary institutions are excluded from this list);

  (3) Without any skills;

  (4) Without any severe illness, mental illness or special conditions, able to learn normally;

  Those who do not meet the above conditions are also encouraged to participate in the education program as it will help them to acquire a skill.

  Rule 5 (Confirming Education Participants)

  The personal particulars of participants are validated according to the prison’s criteria which are as follows:

  (1) Age: Using the verdict document as the basis, new inmates whose identities are not yet verified, the personal data will be based on the information in the court verdict documents.

  (2) Medical condition: The health screening information from prison for new inmates will be used as a basis to state whether the inmate has any serious illnesses, mental condition, blindness, deafness, vocal disabilities, inability to perform normal learning and inability to perform learning during the time of serving sentence. However, these medical conditions shall be certified by main prison hospital.

  (3) Education standard: The information on the verdict document shall be used the basis.

  (4) Skill Level: This will be based on the ability of understanding of the education by the inmates.

  Rule 6 (Categories of Training)

  Prison should base on the needs of the production to provide the training of relevant job skills, implementing job skill education through different layers. The first layer comprising more than 40% is on-the-job training and the skill sets are generally low and require training in elementary skills, the second layer consists of more than 50% possessed some form of technical skills at elementary level and the third layer which is more than 10% will consists of medium to high level job skill training.

  Rule 7 (Selection of Programs)

  Prison should refer to the subsidized training programs in the catalogs published annually by Shanghai city human resource and social security departments’, and selecting those programs which are suitable to be conducted and assessed within the prison or adopt standards used by the social community group for setting time schedules, course arrangement and facilities required for training. Prison should set up 3-5 individual stable job skill training programs.

  Rule 8 (Approval for Training Classes)

  5 days prior to the commencement of the planned training program by prison, any training which are not in the original plan can be added by giving 1 month’s notice period, filling in the forms ゞInmates Job Skill Education Class Application Form〃 and ゞVerification Center Preparation List〃and submit to Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau Education Reform Department for approval.

  Rule 9 (Mode of Training)

  Job skill education should be classroom based learning. Prison should develop stability in job skill education, set up testing centers and equipped centers with proper training facilities, equipment and tools. Part of the training can be conducted in the prison classrooms. Purpose build classroom should be devoted for practical training and concentrated in one location and operating on a standardized arrangement.

  Rule 10 (Arrangement of Training)

  The ゞProgram Schedule〃of the job skill educational training classes should be established using the setting of relevant social community departments. No assessment will be conducted for total classroom attendance hours less than 80%. ゞEducation Daily Log Book〃should be established to show the actual recording of the learning situation. Inmates should have classroom workbooks and exercise books. Teaching staff rooms should be set up for reviewing workbooks.

  Rule 11 (Training Management)

  A system of havingゞInmate Education Report Card〃,ゞEducation Daily Log Book〃、ゞExamination and Certification Register〃and other basic account books shall be established by the prison. Training contracts, training plans, summary reports, attendees’registers, lesson schedules, test papers and other reference materials for the trainers shall be properly maintained and kept. Reports should be submitted by prison on a quarterly basis. At the end of each year, annual reports summarizing the total training expenditure, the training completed, the work plans and schedule for the coming year shall be submitted to the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau Education ReformDepartment.

  Chapter 3 Skills Assessment

  Rule 12 (System set up)

  A system comprising ゞShanghai Prison Job Skill Verification Function〃,ゞShanghai Prison Job Skill Verification Function Center, Assessment Workers Job Positions and Responsibilities〃,ゞRules for Assessment Center〃andゞRegulations For Candidates〃shall be established in Shanghai city to verify the job skills.

  Rule 13 (Mode of assessment)

  Prison should assess inmates’job skills by adopting social community testing appraisal methods and through job skill assessment center invigilation mode. Prison education reform department leaders should be responsible for the verification work; professionals from the social community will act as appraisers and the invigilators. Prison will make arrangement for the assessment centers and the workers involved.

  Rule 14 (Invigilators and workers)

  Invigilators are prison officers who will be responsible to maintain assessment center orderliness and assessment site safety while workers are either prison officers, civilian workers or even inmates who will be responsible for the arrangement at the assessment center, setting up facilities etc.

  Rule 15 (Facilities for assessment)

  The prison should adopt the verifications requirements for setting up skill assessment center and ways to adjust and check the facilities. Social community training schools will provide the facilities where prison will verify these facilities and obtain written confirmation that the facilities are suitable for skills assessment.

  Rule 16 (Preparation before assessment)

  Before the assessment, prison assessment center personnel should check the assessment center thoroughly. 3 days before testing, the site should be cleaned up and seating to be arranged and necessary materials to be in place to ensure that the assessment center is ready. This will be checked by assessment center and the assessors as well as the invigilators should send the inmates skills training work and condition for verification. Assessors and supervising invigilators should familiarize themselves with the assessment center and its facilities.

  Rule 17 (Assessment center regulations)

  Assessment center should know if it has arranged for sealed assessment and the assessment centers must follow the principle of assembly arrangement. In the assessment center, notices on ゞInternal prison job skill verification assessment, assessment center workers’responsibility〃,ゞAssessment center regulations〃,assessment topics and schedule will be put up. Seats are allocated with names of inmates, prison numbers, assessment identification numbers and proper signage for assessment topics and timings will be provided.

  Rule 18 (Invigilation)

  Assessment centers are to be sealed off for the assessment while the assessments are in progress, there should be not less than 2 police officers to serve as invigilators, however when there are more than 30 inmates taking the assessments, the invigilators shall be increased accordingly; for assessment centers which are not sealed, then for every 20 inmates taking the assessments, there shall be no less than 3 invigilators; and for assessments centers providing outdoor assessments for 2 or more inmates, then the number of invigilators shall not be less than 5 and the invigilators shall be increased accordingly when there are more than 30 inmates taking assessments.

  Rule 19 (Site management)

  Prior to taking the assessment, inmates should undergo special training on the rules of the assessment site and how to behave. During the assessment, inmates must put on photo name tags. While undergoing assessment, inmates who do not comply with the rules and regulations, the assessment will cease immediately and demerits points given accordingly as a punishment. Supervising invigilators, assessors, assessment center managers, invigilators and workers shall put on their standard identification badges. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the assessment centers.

  When the assessment center is large, there is a big area for inmates to move about but demarcation lines must be drawn as a safety precautionary measure. Where assessments involve safety topics, then safety tools and equipment should be issued and safety measures shall be in place.

  Rule 20 (Issuance of Certificates)

  Inmates who have passed the assessment shall be issued with the job skill training certificates.

  Rule 21 (Other regulations)

  Other non-government standard for job skill assessment shall follow the assessment methods of relevant departments of the social community.

  Chapter 4 Supplementary Articles

  Rule 22 (Rights of interpretation) The interpretation of this regulation is the responsibility of the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau.

  Rule 23 (Effective period)The effective period of this regulation is 5 years, from 2015 November1st to 2020 October 31st. The original ゞShanghai Prison Administration Bureau Job Skill Education Working Regulations 〃that was implemented on 2010 October 18th (Shanghai Prison Department Educational Reform _2010ヽNo.37)and ゞShanghai Prison Administration Bureau Job Skill Assessment Education Working Regulations 〃that was implemented on 2007 March 21st (Shanghai Prison Department Educational Reform _2007ヽNo.7)is hereby repealed.